"The first time I saw this portrait of my daughter I was shocked for the lifelikeness and could not believe that this was the result of your magic with the brush. It was then that I realized that you are a very talented painter. Someone who knows how to masterfully capture the best and most beautiful attributes of a person. An artist that combining lines and colors has managed to reflect the beautiful gaze of a child and give it life in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Just great. I love it. A million thanks, Gonzalo" 

Elena Sanchis


"Having the good fortune to discover Gonzalo and his work at a neighborhood  street festival in the heart of DC, I was able to continue our family's 6 generation tradition of oil portraiture. Our two grandchildren (a boy and a girl) became Gonzalo's subjects at the ages of 2 1/2 and 3 1/2. Their life size portraits are a thing of exquisite beauty and a treasure for our families. Gonzalo's traditional oil treatments are a testament to his extraordinary talent as an artist (and child psychologist)! Thank you, Gonzalo, for your gift of talent that will live for even more generations to come in our family." 

Winsome Dunn McIntosh


"Gonzalo is a genuine, old school artist. He does not follow the quick or ordinary path of painting but instead he follows the path of hard work and much detail. His work aspires to please both himself as an artist and his clients. His standards are very high and his work of extreme quality. Both the portraits he painted for my son Orestis were extraordinary...so real, so thorough, so perfect. They are a unique piece of art from an extremely dexterous artist that will stay with our family forever" 

Christina Aristidou


"The expert blend of light and shade effects combined to a well thought use of space and proportions recreate the harmonious spontaneity of a daily life scene. Gonzalo realistically depicts my children’s natural gestures while capturing the essence of their personality. He masterly catches here their liveliness and that ageless glow in their eyes, key elements to a faithful yet timeless portrait..." 

Paola A. Mercogliano




Portrait fees starting at $900

Pet portrait fees starting at $500

Please email me and I will be very pleased to inform you about my procedure and fees of portraits of people and also pet portraits. 


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